Thursday, April 7, 2016

Judges Bureau Members Assist Student Speech Contest

For over 15 years, members of Founders District Judges Bureau have served as judges for speaking and academic competitions sponsored by service organizations and educational institutions.  They provide these organizations with well-trained, impartial, and professional quality judges for their youth speech contests. Community service organizations are so pleased by the service they get from the Founder’s District Judges Bureau that they use the Bureau’s services again and again.


One organization that has utilized the Judges Bureau for years is the National Management Association (NMA) Leadership Speech Contest for high school students, which contest began in 1988.  NMA chapters from all over the country participate in this 4-level event, which culminates in the national Finals of the event.  Speeches at all levels have Leadership as their main theme.  Non-leadership issues such as social, medical, environmental, political etc. shall not be primary subjects unless integrated into how leadership plays a role.  Each contestant researches, writes and delivers their own speech.


A local NMA chapter, Boeing Leadership Association of Southern California (BLASC), sponsored their 2016 contest recently, the first level of the 4-level event.  Serving as judges at this contest were members of Toastmasters International Founders District Judges Bureau and Boeing employees:

Avis French, Chief Judge   Toastmaster Competent Communicator, Competent Leader

                                        NMA Associate Director

Elayne Bendel                   Boeing retiree

Douglas Crocker               Boeing employee
                                        Toastmaster Competent Communicator

Nigel Blackwell                  Toastmaster Advanced Communicator Bronze, Advanced Leader Silver


The judging criteria for this contest are very similar to that used by Toastmasters, though the method of ranking the contestants is different. After the winners were announced, the judges graciously spent time with the contestants discussing their presentations.  


Family members, friends, educators, and NMA members looked on proudly as the students presented their interpretations of the meaning of Leadership.  All in all, everyone agreed that the contest was “well done.”  The members of the TI Founders District Judges Bureau contributed to the success of this event.




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